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Just In: Big ratings Drop For Mix 107.3 Following Exit of Jack Diamond

Hi Folks-

I’ll continue updating Jack Diamond’s latest news as I get it. Meantime, the ratings have been sliding ever since Jack left the show to be replaced by Bert Weiss. Davie Hughes of just posted the latest ratings numbers and reports that:

“WRQX Continues Post-Diamond Slump – 6/18 – Bad news for Cumulus in the “first week” of June radio ratings for the DC market. Hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3, slumps to 16th place with mornings at 24th, now that Bert Weiss has replaced Jack Diamond. Also, the firm’s WMAL drops to an even worse 18th place, with its “Mornings On The Mall” salvaging some respectability for the news talker at 8th – thanks largely to older listeners.”



“The past 24 years I have gotten up every morning at 3:30AM. I have driven down River Road (yes, from PotomacDarnesBurg : ) and into DC. There is not a single morning I have not looked forward to starting the day with an ever-evolving team of VERY talented team members. There has never been a day when I wasn’t thrilled to share a new day with you. I never took your kind listenership for granted or assumed you’d “just listen”. I knew we had to be entertaining, interesting, informative, a bit unpredictable, but always a Show that you could listen to with your kids in the car. Or your boss. Great Interviews, Musical Guests and Comedians. Even YOU in studio for FFAF, or on the phone talking with us! The most daring or shocking show? No. That was never our goal. The best show FOR Washington, DC FROM Washington, DC? Yes! I turned down “Syndication” many times. We are Washingtonians! Every city needs local personalities talking 100% about local issues, needs, events, etc.

That’s not only my opinion, that was our show. During our years together we shared, sadly, life-changing days like 9/11. I was proud to stay on the air many hours after our “show” had ended on 9/11. My mission that day, as well as during the DC Sniped reign, snow storms, tornados, hurricanes, even earthquakes, was to be a calm and calming voice. To share the facts as we got them, and share our emotions as we felt them. A voice of information and normalcy during a time that was anything but normal.

I hope we accomplished that for you. Quite honestly, this was your show. About you and for you. Now, if you came here expecting me to trash my station or the people who have already told outrageous lies about me, you don’t know me. That will not happen. Yes, you will hear more desperate words from even more desperate people in the days ahead. Please consider the source. And also know what a person says about someone else, says far more about them… I do want to say Thank You, but that will have to wait for another post.

There is so much I want to thank you for. Here is the final picture of our show. Aly and I call it: “And Then There Were Two”. Our last days together. At least in this chapter… To be continued. Thank you. For everything. I truly love YOUR show, babe!! (And miss you more than I can say)

Previous Post: I’m sorry to hear this, as Jack has always been so kind to me. Dave Hughes at is reporting that:

“Jack Diamond Gone From Mix 107.3, Bert Weiss Likely Replacement – 4/26 – Breaking. We get confirmation that today’s morning show was Jack Diamond’s (right) last at Cumulus-owned hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3. He’s been at the station 24 years”

More at

UPDATE: Jack wrote the following on his Facebook page today: “I have NEVER been happier or more excited about the future and my career. It’s SO good, I just had to share. xo”

That’s good news–sounds like things are working out!

70 thoughts on “Just In: Big ratings Drop For Mix 107.3 Following Exit of Jack Diamond

  1. Duane Fall

    I miss Jack Diamond terribly, I enjoyed his show so much, I looked forwarded to it every morning. I’ve been listening to WRQX for many years & Jack not being there is a big void for me. I wished they reconsidered their decision & did anything to keep him, I always enjoyed the Jack Diamond show so much, I still listen to WRQX & always will, but I’m frustrated they did away with the Jack Diamond morning show….

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  3. Gene Schwartzman

    I’ve been listening to 107.3 for 25+ years. The way they handled Jack Diamond was unprofessional and a disgrace. And now their morning song lineup is nothing but a bunch of noisy crap, so for the first time in almost 3 decades, I permanently switched what station I will be waking up to. It’s a darn shame.. they were good at one time.

  4. Mary Jane

    Coming up on a year later after the “bloodshed” that occurred at Mix 107.3 I can honestly say that I am still angry, still miss my morning show (a listener of 23 years), still miss Jack, Jimmy, Ally, Brooke, Hilary, Cindy, Stacey, etc.

    It completely angers me that management so ruthlessly pulled the rug out from not only the wonderful and talented professional who “owned” that show but also the listeners who were loyal, happy listeners.

    The replacement “show” is crap. Bert Weiss is too old to be hosting/airing cheap talk and banter about subjects that seem to come from middle school angst and early twenties frantic, idiotic, self centeredness.

  5. Bien

    I now listen to 97.1 or 99.5 for my morning commute, can’t stand the Bert show. I miss the Jack Diamond morning show terribly.

    1. Mary Jane

      I now listen to 94.7…. and very much enjoy listening to Tommy McFly.. another great professional who is refreshingly enjoyable and who learned well from Jack (Harvey) Diamond’s

    2. Anonymous

      I totally agree. I had no idea that Jack Diamond was fired. I can’t stand the juvenile banter on the show now…I’ve changed over to a different station for my morning commute…Can’t wait for Jack to return to DC mornings!

  6. Michelle

    Took 107.3 off the radio after Jack left. They disrespected the long listening fans as well as Jack and the crew. Mornings are not the same.

    In other news, heard Stacey Binn passed this week on another site. Loved it when she was on the show and her stories as she fell in love with, and later married, her “vegetable guy”. RIP Stacey.

    1. Diane Flex

      I totally agree with your comment. They just didn’t have the radio listeners in mind. I listened for 14 years and also switched to 97.1 when Jack was off the air. Why do people think there needs to be a change when something is working perfectly??

  7. Trish Ryan

    I have listened to Jack since day one.Through college I was a 411 operator-One day they were angry they got bad service and he kinda dised them-I called and said I was one and we try our best-He himself called me back to apologize.What a class act.i truely deeply and painfully feel I have lost a friend-I folloewd-his bdand and did free for all fridays-He made it seem like we “were all in it together”_He needs to come back-Shame on you 107.3-BAD BAD MOVW!!!

    1. Margaret

      I stopped listening to 107.3 when they got rid of the Jack Diamond Morning Show. I now listen to WTOP or 97.1. I miss that show a lot. It was my company driving into work each morning. The Bert show is TERRIBLE and I have tried to listen over half a dozen times….it just plain bad. What a mistake 107.3 made.

          1. debbie

            Sad… Jack and company had a great show. Now they changed formats once again. Its unfortunate no one listens to those listening.

  8. Cat

    Surely miss the JD Show 🙁 I would try to listen to it whenever I could but this crazy country radio station power waves kept butting in. When I was on my commute into DC, or days off traveling around the area I was fortunate enough to pick it up. Now without Jack, why even bother trying? Deleted my email subscription too! Why bother now? Not surprised that the ratings have plummeted. Mix with a good thing, get your azz burned. Maybe those that are responsible should find themselves another job ???

    1. Anonymous

      How stupid of MIX 107 to let Jack go. I have been listening to Jack for over seventeen years. jack and his team made my commute to D.C enjoyable and fun. i will never listen to MIX any more and Jack please let your fans know where you are going to be. I love you and I miss your show babe.

  9. kathy gibson

    I am still waiting for Jack to come back. i have deleted all my 107.3 stops on my radios. Anyone know if Jack is going to another station?

    1. Diane Kibler

      I too have been waiting for Jack to come back! I miss him terribly and his show and the teammates who made The Jack Diamond Show; Aly Jacobs, Brooke & Spanky. Aly Jacobs has surfaced on 98.7 WMZQ Country Radio Station on The Boxer Show in the morning so I’ve started listening to that since I loved Aly, too!

      Jack, wherever you are, you are an asset and a scholar! I have stopped listening to 107.3 after listening to your morning show for over 15 years! I was so sad when I tuned in on that Monday morning and you weren’t there!

      God Speed and I hope to hear you on the radio again soon!

  10. Nancy M

    I am troubled about the change of 107.3. After being a loyal listener for 20 years, I can’ t stand the new “Bert” show. Too course and raunchy for my taste. Jack had a soothing voice, which in the morning, it was a great way to wake up. Please let us know If Jack ever has another radio show. Jack was compassionate, and caring to his listeners, he drew you into his world , and made you care about him and his family. BRING HIM BACK 107.3!!

    1. Betty

      After listening to 107 for many years, tuned in and no Jack Diamond morning show. Wondered what happened. the Bert show will NEVER be as good as Diamond show. Wish he would return.
      I am no longer a 107 listener, cannot believe the management there made the decision to let Jack Diamond leave!!!!!!!

      1. Walter

        Bert is a douchebag. First he gets upset with Jimmy for going to the same city he works in, then right after conspires behind Jack’s back to take his job.

        I listen to the show still, because my radio only gets three stations, and two of them are spanish. I skeeve Bert, and that shrewish woman with him.

        He claims to be part of the foundation of Mix 107.3. What a bald-faced lie. He wasn’t part of the foundation, he was the worthless side-kick to the foundation, Mr Jack Diamond.

  11. Pat Mason

    I, too, am SHOCKED that Jack Diamond has been dumped. Good grief, 24 years serving the radio station and his listeners in the Washinton DC area counts for nothing to Cumulus? I have listened to Jack for decades, back when the station was Q107 and now, MIX107. Listened to Jack Diamond, Stacey Bin, Barbara, Jimmy Alexander, Bert (as a side kick), Chili, Aly, and Brooke. Am saddened that Jack’s show has been yanked off the air with no warning at all. How rude to Jack and all his dediicated listeners. Just thought Jack was on vacation and tuned into The Bert Show, not realizing what had happened. to Jack . Bert’s show is rather rauchy and definitely trying to attract a different demographic. Sorry, MIX107, you have really goofed on this one. You got your way…SEE YA!
    P.S. Jack, please, let us know where we can find you on the airwaves.

  12. Barb

    I too figured jack was on vacation for awhile…but I didn’t recognize the voices I was hearing. Or the format or music. When I googled and realized TheTeam is gone, I couldn’t believe it! Jack is intelligent, humorous, caring,…hie had opinions but was always considerate of others’ opinions. He encouraged listeners’ stories and opinions , brought out emotions, provoked thoughts,…. Supported worthwhile causes. He was the only show I listened to on my 15 minute drive down 270. No matter what the theme of banter was I was always instantly drawn in. What a terrific personality. Wonderful team. Terribly missed and sorry but can’t stand new show..the people’, inane chatter, or the music! totally insulting to think management could think Jack ‘ fans would be happy..guess they dont care if they have any loyal listeners. jack you are a DC institution and we nned you back…somewhere! LOVE YOUR SHOW BABE.!!

  13. Janet Barlow

    Love YOU, Jack Diamond! I have listened to MIX 107.3 FM since childhood when it was once Q107, “The Biggest Hits In Town.” I have thoroughly enjoyed “The Jack Diamond Morning Show.” Jack’s voice is soothing and perfect for radio. I have loved his cohosts over the years from Stacey to Jimmy. Bilingual Aly is adorable, and Brooke is humorous. That team was perfect for mornings! I personally do not like the replacement show. I do agree that it is raunchy, and it does not entertain me at all. I am now a JACK 102.7 FM listener. I definitely prefer this station to MIX 107.3 FM. I hope Jack, his team, and their families are doing well. I think that there should have been talk on his show about the date of his last show, and it should have been posted on MIX 107.3’s website. There should have been a tribute to Jack for all of his years of public service to the Washington, DC area on the website. It is disgusting that MIX 107.3 FM owned by Cumulus just ended Jack’s show and wiped him off of the website as if he never existed!!!! So that’s how Cumulus treats their employees for 24 years of awesome service? Abundant blessings to Jack Diamond, Jimmy Alexander, Aly, Brooke, and all his past cohosts and staff!!! I LOVE you all and will MISS YOUR SHOW, BABE!!!!

  14. Jean Cramer

    I have listened to 107.3 all day at work for 25 years. No more. Bert is too raunchy to have on at the office, even if wanted to. Jack was funny, wise, sweet and the show was so local, all about the places and faces that I knew. Great musical guests who all seemed to have a real rapport with Jack. No more 107.3 for me, I’ve switched to 106.5 out of Baltimore. It’s the closest thing to Jack that I could find.

  15. Jennifer O

    Wow, I came here from California in 1999 and the very first station after channel surfing to find something worth waking up to was Jack Diamond in the Morning with Stacy and Jimmy Alexander. I have been a religious listener ever since. I have to say losing Stacy, then getting Erica was okay, but losing Jimmy was hard but Brooke and Ally kept it fresh. I am so bummed you chose to hire this guy that sinks to the gutter and cannot possibly relate to any of us 30 to 50 something women. He repulses me and I pray so much Jack that you find a station that appreciates you so I can have something to listen to in the mornings. I remember you joking once about people turning to Lou and Laurie in the mornings but sadly, they are my only demographic left so until you find a home somewhere else I have no choice. I hope you find a home soon because I am falling asleep at the wheel. All my best to you! “Love your show babe!”

    1. Carole W

      Thanks for your post, Jenny. I thought I was the only one repulsed by “Bert”, the new show in the morning. How can management possibly think this crap is better than Jack?????

  16. Lisa

    Total disappointment when I found out Jack Diamond was really gone…..even more disappointed with the tasteless morning show that replaced Jack and crew. I have been a loyal listener for many years and a creature of habit at that. My radio hasn’t been set on any other station but 107.3 for as far back as I can remember. After listening to yet another tasteless show this morning and confirming Jack was really gone, 107.3 will no longer be a part of my morning or evening commute. Jack was the voice of DC radio; hopefully he will move on to another station soon so I can resume my mornings with him. BIG MISTAKE……loved your show babe.

  17. Claudia

    Please bring back jack diamond! He is the voice of reason for the dc / northern Virginia world. The Bert show is bad! I don’t even think he lives here! How real is that? I don’t normally try to be negative but this whole thing bothers me. I hope that jack is fine and knows how much we all miss him.

  18. Carole Wiedorfer

    I have removed myself as a loyal listener to Mix 107.3. Without Jack Diamond, there is no Mix 107.3 for me anymore. I am so sorry, Jack, that you fell victim to the ugliness of humans. I will miss you and your morning show very much. My mornings have not been the same since you had to leave. And I do NOT like the replacement show at all.

  19. KB

    Wow! The mornings will never be the same in the DC area again. The Jack Diamond Show format was wonderful. It is ashame that the “mothership” didn’t support it. Through think and thin you have to support what is right. The Jack Diamond Show was and is still right! Best of Luck to Jack and the crew to land in green pastures again and hopefully in the DC market which needs a show like this in the morning to start the day off right! God’s Speed Jack Diamond and crew.

  20. Sharon Flowers

    Dear Jack, I feel like I’ve lost my brother and don’t know where he is! We’ve been through so much together and you helped me see the good in every day! I miss you and the whole crew loads and have had to find something that can help make me laugh while I spend an hour every morning with thousands of my favorite friends trying to get through traffic! Please know you have made a difference in the lives of others and I wish you the best in whatever your next great adventure is! For now, I’ve had to go country! At least I can still laugh at the lyrics! Thanks for everything! Sharon

  21. OC RON

    I was shocked this am when i turned the radio on to not hear Jack Diamonds Voice. i kept changing the stations thinking i had the wrong station on. But it said 107.3. I dont listen every day with being based in Baltimore, but 107.3 was always a great change to listen too. I listened this morning and was not impressed on the style or format they have. Guess i will find an alternate station to surf too when the baltimore stations talk too much in the am.

    1. Nica M.

      I had a huge change in my life, ended up in Maryland in 1995. Change career, language, food, marital status, job and became a mother (twice). I remember the show back with Jack, Jim, Stacey. Then came Ericka, then Brook and Ally. These guys made me laugh when I was anxious, made my commute be not so bad, made me relax when I cried leaving my babies at the day care first time. I “grew up” in America, driving the roads but I always had these guys assuring me that everything will be ok. They help me to to laugh, to love and to understand people and their flaws. I just want to thank you. And I want to say I WILL MISS YOU ! My morning cup of coffee will never taste the same.

  22. carol gibson

    thought my radio was on the wrong station and then I realized it was on 107.3 sorry jack is gone have tried to listen to the bert show but its not very good. tried to find out where jack went, if he goes to another station will definitely tune in to that station. his show was part of my daily routine. he will be missed, wish him well, luv your show babe!

    1. curtis daniel

      I am around the same age as Jack Diamond and enjoyed his obvious affection and bond that he had with his on air crew. I have listened to his show for many years and will truly miss it. I understand life is about moving on , but it is always nice when someone like Jack Diamond comes along and makes it a little better , ” IF JUST FOR A LITTLE WHILE” thank you Jack , for making my day. As always loved your show babe.

  23. Noel Montesa

    Sorry to hear the Show gone. I remember Bert, but it’s not Jack’s voice over the radio. All good things come to an end and I am sorry to see it go. Best of luck Jack and I will miss the show. When I first heard the replacement, I figure you were again on a 3 week far away vacation. Found out you are gone after I googled. No Goodbyes or anything, so it must have been a bad split.

    Loved your show babe!

  24. Gerri Peter

    So very sad not to here Jack Dimond voice in the moring will not be turning that station on ever agin . I hope they have lost all the listeners . Bad choice mix107.

  25. Pamela Kestner

    For 20 years, I have driven to work with Jack Diamond and Jimmy. I was shocked when i did not hear Jack’s hearty chuckle but instead, some nasaly voice called Bert. I listened for several days off and on but never connected.I do not feel comfortable having this station play while my 11 year old is in the car anymore. Some of the other discussions I heard in the first few days I listened were not family oriented. I have now removed 107.3 from my morning lineup and went back to 97.1 Wash fm. I wish Jack the best and hope to hear his hearty chuckle Iin the near future.

  26. Kathy

    So very sad the Jack Diamond show is gone. Hopefully temporary. Jack we all love you. New show….. #aweful!! Come back somewhere jack. DC needs you!!

  27. David

    Woke today to hear absolute garbage on 107.3 Very little music and absolutely inane repartee from new host Bert. Almost unintelligible accent and the most boring conversation going on and on

    I have been away for a month and honestly thought my set was broken !

    Absolutely no idea why Jack Diamond is no longer there but without his show and the great balance of wit and music I definitely will not bother to listen to this crap. I’ve retuned to another local station

  28. Laura B

    So disappointed to have the Jack Diamond show gone! He was a solid and poised commentator….great delivery and sense of humor. Liked his teaming with Jimmy Alexander….maybe Jimmy’s exit had something to do with the show losing ratings….but wish Jack all the best….he will bounce back I’m sure. I’ve given the new format a try but find it tasteless and not interesting at all. As i listen to Sirius a lot for different music, it was more the chemistry between the djs that drew me….so farewell 107.3!

  29. Judy Middleton

    What a Huge loss.. As many have said .. Every AM listened to 107.3 .. Because of Jack Diamond!! His always classy kindness.. Witty beyond compare.. Why the need to replace perfection!?!? Then to be treated as he was after 24 amazing years.. Just beyond Disgusting!! Sadly will be looking for a new station during my AM commute! Wishing Jack Diamond much success in his next adventure.. Hope to hear his calming , smooth voice once more on another station in the near future!!

  30. Ginny

    I too was shocked not to have heard Jack’s rich warm voice, laughter, and banter between Ali and all the rest this morning as I made my way down 270…Why the change??? “Free for all Friday’s” were such a great way to begin the weekend! Again my question, why the change??? I listened for a short time to the Burt and his crew this morning….I was not thrilled with his style when he was with Jack … sorry, but I too will be searching for a new station to listen to. What a shame….

  31. Kim

    I have been listening to Jack before 911. i am on the Eastern Shore of Md. And enjoyed his quick wit, his outstanding use of the English language and his whole heart and soul to not all of his listeners but all citizens. He did not sensationalize the news but looked into the facts and responded to listeners. Today on the radio I was appalled by the jury trial . Also, why do we need to hear about spitting in a sink. The soft natures but inquiring mind of Jack is gone. I looked forward to Jack every morning for the good and the unfortunate news. Mix is gone but where is Jack? Mix needs to rethink their show. I will either go back to the oldies or country. To MIX ilLoved your show Babe!

  32. Joanne Sinclair

    How very sad that a talented personality and a genuine caring man has been replaced by a foul mouth, unfunny person. What a mistake. Today is the last time I will listen. Even the music has changed.
    I started my morning with Jack and “the gang” for a very long time. I hope he finds another niche that we all can benefit from.

  33. Brad

    Love your show Babe, and looking forward to your return to the air. So sad 107.3 treated anyone like that, and I am sure loyal followers will treat them the same way.

  34. Nick S

    I got in my car the other day to head to work and for the first time I heard the new Mix 107.3 format. I had to check my radio channel because it was clear I was not listening to the Jack Diamond Show. When I realized the station must have made a format change I gave the show about 20 minutes. I listened to caller after caller phone in to see who was the biggest redneck while dualing banjos played in the background. I felt like I was robbed of 20 minutes of my valuable time. The Jack Diamond Show members earned the privledge of joining me every morning on my drive to and from work and any other time I was in my car. Jack Diamond is a class act and his morning crew personalities complimented each other to make for a very enjoyable and relatable show. I hope Cumulus wises up quick and realizes they made a huge mistake. I’m no longer listening to Mix, but will come back when Jack and the crew are back. Shame on Cumulus for hurting so many listeners, listeners who have been with Mix for years because of what the Jack Diamond Show brought. Hope to hear you on the waves soon Jack!

  35. Steve Church

    The new Bird Show is not engaging nor funny. The head “wana be Jack” might make it at a little station in Western Maryland. Don’t know who your target audience is but you lost one more regular morning listener. If it weren’t for Carson I’d remove the station off my preset.

  36. Stephanie

    I have listened for many years….sadly, the new 107.3 moring show will not be a part of my am routine. What a shame! I listened this am, and it’s nothing but trash! I will miss your show babe !

  37. Susan

    This is so very sad – I have listened to Jack every year, every morning, since the beginning. The station is now dull and boring – not knowing what happened, I’ve been switching stations on my way to work but there are none worth listening to. I wish Jack well, but will miss him on my way to work tremendously.

  38. Carol R

    I am so disappointed that Jack Diamond is no longer with 107.3, the only reason I listen to that station was because of Jack….I didn’t even list when he was on vacation. Wonderful voice, great delivery and just a very down to earth guy. I will miss him…now to find another station…actually I’ll just listen to Sirius for the morning drive.

  39. Flipper

    I have been wondering for a few days, what was up. First Jimmy, then Ryan, now Jack. Oh well, bye bye Mix, the music line up never was worth my time, and seems even worse now……

  40. Liza Hodskins

    Sorry to hear it, tho I’m probably partly to blame (and others like me). I mostly listen to the (admittedly repetitive) news channels nowadays. Was just hinkingi I should branch out again.
    Enjoyed being on the Friday morning show a few times. Who else offers that?!

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