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The Cult At Fillmore Silver Spring Tonight. Interview With Bassist Chris Wyse

By Kyle Osborne

The Cult are storming their way across the country—they are healthy, wealthy and wise—all of those attributes in moderation, of course, as they roll from city to city on their “Electric 13”  tour. A special treat for fans on these dates is the playlist, which includes their 1987 Rick Rubin-produced landmark album Electric in its entirety for the first time ever. Each stop features a first set of the platinum-selling Electric, which spawned favorites like ‘Love Removal Machine,’ ‘Wild Flower’ and ‘Lil’ Devil’ and a second set highlighting The Cult’s 30-year catalogue of hits. The Cult is set to release new material in 2014 to follow-up to their 2012 album Weapon of Choice, and a double album called Electric Peace is was released July 30th.

Chris Wyse from The Cult and Owl

Bassist Chris Wyse called just a few dates into the tour from Salt Lake City, Utah, sounding like someone who loves his job. “Oh, we’re having so much fun—especially since there are a lot of songs we either haven’t played in a long time, or haven’t played ever with this line-up. The audiences are giving us so much energy.”

Wyse can use all the energy he can get—this is truly one of the hardest working men in rock. In addition to The Cult, Wyse fronts his own band, Owl. It’s a power trio that takes chances, rocks hard, but sometimes takes turns that you don’t see coming. In other words, Owl avoids a lot of clichés. “In Owl, I make a lot more decisions, obviously, and as the front man, I’m the one out there with the responsibility of leading the band in all kinds of ways, but musically, it’s so rewarding.”

A reporter suggests that the bassist who plays just ever so slightly behind The Cult’s lead singer Ian Astbury, grab the mic away and do a little fronting for that band, too. His response?  “Hahaha—yeah, that would be pretty wild, but Ian knows what he’s doing and knows what he wants.” It should be said that Wyse is also a powerful singer who has no problems hitting the notes he wants to out of sheer force and honed technique.

“I’ve been around a long time,” says the 44 year old vet whose past sessions have included evryonefrom Ozzy Osbourne to Mick jagger.  His very first sessions with The Cult were, in fact, quite business-like. A journeyman offering his wares. But these days, Wyse says ““It is a great honor to be in such an iconic band as The Cult.  I feel at home here.  And I love that Owl offers me the outlet to showcase my upright bass playing and vocals,” offers Wyse.  “I have incredible chemistry with both bands, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

And one more question, for those of us who will never know—is touring the world on buses and planes as glamorous and exciting as we imagine it would be? “Um (starts to chuckle) I’m actually trying to find a place to do some Yoga right now,” he says. “It’s really nowhere close to what people think. The place where we played last night, the showers didn’t even have hot water, so we had to take cold showers.  What I usually do is try to find the time and a place to do some exercise, and I try to eat healthy food.”

A stunned reporter asks, “But what about those stories of Led Zeppelin throwing TV’s out of the windows and stuff?” “Well, you have to remember that they were just kids then. They don’t do that anymore. And we don’t either.”

And with good reason: The Cult wear their maturity very well.


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