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KISS Announce New Photo App and Contest

By Kyle Osborne

Are you serious? Man, I thought these guys had found a way to merchandise everything under the sun—but they keep finding new “Revenue Streams” as Gene might call them.

So, yeah–um. KISS have an app for you to buy. Read on for the official details from their PR folks.

A new app called KISS Official Photo App turns your smartphone into a photo tool that puts you alongside and even inside the band, with official KISS makeup, costumes, instruments and iconography, among other official, KISS-worthy features. The KISS Official Photo app for iOS smartphones will debut on the Apple App Store on November 24th. Versions for Android smartphones and the Apple iPad will follow in early 2015.

 The KISS Official Photo app, featuring official, unique KISS imagery licensed by KISS’ global brand management agency, Epic Rights, lets fans experience the spirit of KISS and deepen their bond with the band in a fun, interactive way. Through easy photo customizations, the app lets them put themselves and their friends together with the band through pictures, messages, emoticons, photo frames and other visual elements that are 100% pure KISS, with exact renditions of the official KISS gear, costumes and makeup. Users can even take a selfie with themselves and the band!

 Which self-respecting KISS fan — millions strong for more than 40 years — hasn’t ever imagined flashing Gene Simmons’ iconic demon tongue or strutting in Paul Stanley’s Starchild boots? Or sporting their own cat whiskers, or spiked shoulder blades? Or hammering on a Flying V while wearing armored boots? With the KISS Official Photo app, all of these interactions become a fun new way for KISS fans to share their enthusiasm with friends and other members of the KISS Empire through social media.    

Paul Stanley of KISS. Photo by Kyle Osborne


 With the KISS Official Photo app. you can easily customize any picture of you and your friends –even your pets! Simple swipe and pinch gestures do the editing, and KISS fans can choose from a pitch-perfect selection of KISS visuals, including:

 Photos of KISS band members Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric

  • Makeup, costumes and accessories from the band
  • The exact instruments the band uses
  • Unique KISS-styled animated emoticons
  • Legendary KISS album art
  • KISS-styled photo frames
  • Editable, instantly recognizable KISS body imagery, such as Gene’s demon tongue, Paul’s Starchild bootsand the band’s inimitable face-paint styles.

 No KISS fan will be able to resist the immersive and shareable experience the KISS Official Photo app brings to their favorite rockers. The app also includes a texting feature that sends KISS-styled emoji and animated GIFs to friends and other KISS fans. The app has direct social links to all of the KISS social pages, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

 And The Contests: Who Gives The Best KISS?

 The KISS Official Photo app will also be the focal point of periodic KISS ME! contests, where fans dressed up using the KISS Official Photo app will be able to submit their own KISSified photos. The best entries for these contests will have a chance to win great KISS prizes, including unique KISS memorabilia, apparel, and even trips to see the band live and meet them back stage.  Contest information can be found on the web at www.IWANTTOBEKISSED.COM.

 The free KISS Official Photo app will also be enhanced over time through additional in-line packs that will add new visuals, features, and styles to the KISS ME! experience.

 Among the first of these is an amazing new feature called KISS YOURSELF!, coming in Mid-December. This killer add-on to the KISS Official Photo app offers unique video capabilities that can put you and your friends’ right in the middle of a KISS concert video, complete with the real audio and instruments!  It’s the ultimate KISS musical fantasy — you can now share a guitar solo with Gene Simmons or a microphone with Paul Stanley in your own personal music video.  Nobody rocks harder than KISS, and with the KISS Official Photo app, fans can rock right along with them!


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