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Hollywood’s Hottest Stars on Broadway this Summer

Sure, summer is known for blockbuster movies. But don’t forget about Hollywood’s hottest actors and actresses who are stepping off-screen and on-stage. This summer, consider a trip to the Big Apple to see your favorite celebs up close and personal on Broadway. While box-office hits are often known for mind-blowing action scenes, there is often more to get out of these multi-faceted Broadway plays.

Here are some of the most talked about productions, along with reviews on their celebrity stars.

Vanessa Hudgens

It’s easy to forget that Vanessa Hudgens got her first big break with musicals—Disney’s “High School Musical,” to be exact. Now she’s bringing her talents back to Broadway as the star of “Gigi.”

Brought back to life to “smartly align the material with our more enlightened times,” according to New York Times’ Charles Isherwood, “Gigi” tells of the love story between a carefree courtesan-in-training and a wealthy playboy who’s bored with the high life.

Jim Parsons

Emmy and Golden Globe award-winner Jim Parsons has officially decided to bring his humor to Broadway. Following a parallel (yet, quite ironic) topic as “The Big Bang Theory,” “An Act of God” centers around the mysteries of the Bible and grand questions that man has sought answers to since the beginning of time.

Parsons plays the creator of the universe, who decides to create 10 new Commandments, after he grows bored with the originals.

Jason Alexander & Larry David

Our “Seinfeld” favorite is back, and he’s paired up with the show’s creator, and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star, Larry David, to begin his new adventure in Broadway’s “Fish in the Dark.”

David has gathered quite a loyal fan base over his career, so it won’t be any shock when “Fish in the Dark” becomes a raving success with Jason Alexander in the cast. Following David’s favorite subject—the bad behaviors of everyday people—the play centers around an imminent death in a family and a group of 15 characters who were, no doubt, dreamt up by Larry David (if you know what we mean).

Carey Mulligan

Known for her emotionally raw acting skills, Carey Mulligan is bringing her talents to the stage in Broadway’s “Skylight.” And guess what? She’s already up for a Tony for her stunning adaptation (“Skylight” is nominated for a total of seven Tonys this year). Malcolm Jones of The Daily Beast backs up the nominations, saying, “You feel every emotional beat of David Hare’s extraordinary play ‘Skylight’ thanks to Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan’s astonishing performances.”

Tom (played by Nighy) shows up at Kyra’s (played by Mulligan) doorstep three years after their six-year affair, and the death of his wife. What unfolds next is definitely worth watching.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Talk about a limited engagement—Jake Gyllenhaal takes yet another stab at Broadway acting in “Little Shop of Horrors,” but for two nights only. Yep, you heard that right: Two. Nights. Only. This role seems to fit well for Gyllenhaal, who is known for movies like “Donnie Darko” and “Nightcrawler.”

First debuted in 1983, this dark comedy about a florist and his flesh-eating plants has a strong cult following, just like Gyllenhaal. So if you’re interested in seeing it, you better reserve your tickets now!

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