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Check Out These Other Sites From Friends, Colleagues, Competitors and others whom I admire

Jen Chaney’s Celebritology-

The Rogers Revue

Punchdrunk Critics

Brandon Fibbs Film Critic

The Movie Mom, Nell Minow

Arch Campbell

Washington DC Area Film Critics Association

Big Daddy Kev’s Movie Reviews

Willie Waffle, Film Critic , Wash/Baltimore Radio & TV with Jim Judy

The Dizzy Miss Lizzie Roadside Revue (a cool theatre troupe)

Christoper Cross (yes, THAT Christopher Cross, he’s a buddy)

The Pink Line Project-if you like art or if you’re an artist-START HERE

The Warner Theatre, A great venue and a DC institution

Jim Gaffigan (also a buddy, though now that he’s a Broadway THESPIAN, don’t hear from him much 🙂

Enrique Bernard, one of our favorite stylists and make-up artists.

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